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Shree-Lipi contains various packages. These multilingual packages are:

Ashamiya Manik for Assamese & Manipuri Banga Ratna for Bengali Dev Ratna for Hindi,Marathi, Konkani & Nepalese, Gurjari for Gujarati Gurumukhi for Punjabi Kannada Ratna for Kannada Kairali for Malayalam Tamil Vairam for Tamil Telugu Ratna for Telugu Utkal for Oriya

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  • Ashamiya Manik
  • Banga Ratna
  • Dev Ratna
  • Gurjari
  • Gurmukhi
  • Kannada Ratna
  • Kairali
  • Utkal
  • Tamil Vairam
  • Telugu Ratna
  • Shree-Lipi Pearl
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  • Dev Ratna
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