Customized Fonts

Modular Infotech offers a special service to their customers which enables them to have a font of their choice for their use. This may be a text font of the scripts that are supported by MITPL or it may be some special symbols used by the customer or it may be the logo of the customer.

In case of newspapers, a proprietary font can become their identity. MITPL offers its services for making 'Customized' as well as 'Customized Proprietary' font.

MITPL also designs software and fonts for special languages/scripts that are not currently supported by Shree-Lipi.

After supplying the artwork to MITPL, it is digitized, normalized, smoothened, encoded and made typographically correct at the character level. A proof copy of the font-in-process is submitted to the customer for his approval. The font is then corrected as per the feedback received, if any. The final font is then submitted to the customer.

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