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FAQs on Shree-lipi Application - Script Processor

How do I invoke Shree-Lipi for Windows?

How to type a Decorative Shiroresha?

Howto avoid typing of multiple matras (vowel signs) in applications?

How to type in Sanskrit language?

How to type with Diacritical Accent Marks?

What is an Escapement Key?

How can user change the Escapement key?

Why setting of Application Type is necessary?

What is Application Type?

I am getting error - "list index out of bounds"- during Shree-Lipi execution

How can Shree-Lipi be used to edit jobs composed using DevnagriIsfoc monolingual fonts?

After installing Shree Lipi “Unauthorized fonts” Error is occurring frequently

Which option of Shree-Lipi can be used to view a particular keyboard for example Godrej?

Under which menu of Shree-Lipi can we find Keyboard layout submenu?

In Bengali or Oriya Script we are not getting some characters like ‘ / ’ , ‘ ; ’, ‘ ? ’, ‘ = ’. These characters were coming properly in previous versions.

What is the use of Always Active option?

Why should the user set the default font for English and Indian languages?

What is the use of “Keyboard shortcut” function?

How to set Keyboard shortcut

What are the required network configuration settings for Network version of Shree-Lipi?

What is the meaning of different Shree-Lipi Lock errors?

In Shree-Lipi application, how to change or select Language?

In Shree-Lipi application, how to select or change Font Layout?

After installing Shree-Lipi Software, when you click on Shree-Lipi 32 bit, you are getting message "Error loading module. Error code-1, Language symbol Shree-Lipi 4.0/5.0/6.0".

Why is the ‘Set Font on Script change’ option given in Shree-Lipi main menu?

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