"Error Code 4" (MicroDog USB lock)

Different types of Unauthorized Access Errors like Error code 0/4/30/31/32/201/203/12/141 etc.
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"Error Code 4" (MicroDog USB lock)

Postby ModeratorRA » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:56 am

If "Error Code 4" (MicroDog USB lock_Shree-Lipi 7.x) is appeared, then to overcome it follow the procedure given below-

1. Insert Shree-Lipi 7.1 CD1 in the CD drive.

2. Explore CD & Open "DRIVERS" folder.

3. Open "PARUSB" folder.

4. Double click on "MicroDogInstdrv.exe" file

5. Click on "Install Driver".

6. Lock drivers will get installed.

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