Shree-Lipi Samhita

Shree-Lipi Samhita is a toolkit for application developers who want to develop applications in Indian languages on Windows platform. Shree-Lipi Samhita can be integrated with applications developed in VC++, Visual Basic, Visual Foxpro, Borland Delphi, Power Builder etc. Shree-Lipi Samhita supports API calls to seamlessly integrate Indian languages with your applications. These calls enable typing Indian languages in any Windows based applications, sorting data on Indian language strings, transliterating names from English to Indian languages and vice-versa etc. Thus, developers can very easily develop applications to give good Indian language interface to the users who are more comfortable with their mother tongue than English.

The Shree-Lipi Samhita API includes calls for :
  • Script processor activation and set up to enable Indian language typing in edit boxes, combo boxes, list boxes or any other component you want to have on the screen.
  • Keyboard tutor activation so that your application users can have a keyboard tutor in the application for ease of Indian language typing.
  • Calls to transliterate name data from English to Indian language and vice versa.
  • Calls to convert data from font codes to ISCII and vice versa to facilitate sorting on Indian language fields.
  • High speed dot matrix draft printing.
  • Calls to do conversion of number in figures to number in words in Indian languages and write dates in Indian languages in various formats.
  • Along with these API calls many other supporting facilities are provided to develop good Indian language software
These includes :
  • Two fonts of the Indian language with English numerals and the same two fonts with local language numerals.
  • Two bilingual fonts with English and Indian language support with English numerals in the same font. These fonts can be used if you want to have English and language data in the same field.
  • Various popular keyboard layouts for the Indian language.
  • A Keyboard generator to develop your own keyboard layout.
  • Names dictionary for transliteration, official language dictionary for some languages.
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