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Shree-Lipi from Modular InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. has for long been regarded as the best multilingual solution and font package for Indian languages on Windows Platform. After the great success of Shree-Lipi on Windows, Modular InfoTech has done a lot of Research & Development efforts for the same kind of solution in Macintosh. After a year long R&D, Modular has now come out with Shree-Lipi for Mac. The supporting utilities are in the process of making, so as to provide maximum friendliness, flexibility and simplicity to the Indian Language users on Macintosh.

Shree-Lipi for Macintosh is the Indian language multilingual script processor designed and developed by Modular InfoTech, the Pioneer in Indian language scripting.

What is Shree-Lipi for Macintosh?

Shree-Lipi for Macintosh is Macintosh based Font Package and keyboard handler for Indian Languages. It has a built in Keyboard Manager for various XWindows based Packages on Macintosh. High quality specially hinted Modular fonts are supplied in True Type format. These fonts can be used in various applications like Adobe Illustrator, MSWord, Adobe InDesign and others. You can create eye-catching documents in your favorite language on your favorite Operating System, macOS.

Features of Shree-Lipi for Macintosh
Fonts available in Shree-Lipi MAC
Language No. of fonts available
Devnagari / Hindi 350
Gujarathi 123
Punjabi 76
Bengali 80
Assamese 80
Oriya 104
Tamil 100
Kannada 125
Telugu 117
Malayalam 123
  • Shree-Lipi MAC contains fonts of Single Indian language only as shown in the table.
  • Supported Operating Systems: OS X "Mojave" 10.14, "High Sierra", 10.13.4, "Sierra" 10.12, "El Capitan" 10.11, "Yosemite" 10.10, and "Mavericks" 10.9. The user can install the version appropriate for his macOS
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