Customer Testimonial

Dainik Goa Doot,
Abhinav Publishers (Goa) Pvt. Ltd.
Panji, Goa - 403 00.

We are happy to inform that Abhinav Publisher (Goa) Pvt. Ltd. (Dainik Goa Doot), Panjim, Goa is totally satisfied with Shree-Lipi Software & Your Team Members.

Great software! "We have used Shree-Lipi & Ankur Office software's for a number of years. Their visual similarity makes it easy to use them all. Abhinav Publisher (Goa) Pvt. Ltd. (Dainik Goa Doot) , Panjim-Goa continues this Software"

We have tried multiple software's and had major problems with them all before using Shree -Lipi Software. The software is fantastic. The setup is extremely easy and it has all the important features needed to us. We need to be simple and straight forward Software. Modular InfoTech (Shree-Lipi software) offers this. Shree-Lipi Software is fast, easy to use and looks great. We would highly recommend this software!

Raju Pawar, Manager (System) Abhinav Publishers (Goa) Pvt. Ltd.

Herald Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Goa, 403 001

Sir / Madam,
This is to state that we at the Herald Group, Goa, are satisfied with your services of Shree-Lipi multilingual Marathi Software and epaper for Dainik Herald. We are also satisfied with the after sales service and support provided by your team.

Herald wishes to continue this relationship in the near future.

Mr. Amit Soyru,
EDP - Head. Herald Publications

Sunaparant, Goa's Konkani Daily,
Goa Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Sir / Madam,
We are happy to inform that Goa Publications Pvt. Ltd., Panji, Goa is totally satisfied with your services of Shree-Lipi 7.1 Devratna provided to our Konkani paper "SUNAPARANT". We wish to mention that we are using this product since 2004 and we got good services from your technical and administrative team as and when required. We wish best of luck to your Director and Modular Team.

Vijay A. Gaonkar,
Administrative Manager

Government of Assam,
Department of Social Welfare,
Office of The Manager, Govt, Braille Press,
Basistha, Guwahati.


This is to certify that Government Braille Press, Guwahathi under Department of Social Welfare, Assam are using Shree-Lipi Braille Software developed by Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Pune. We are fully satisfied with the use of software and would like to recommend other Braille Press/ Schools/Institutes working for Visually Handicapped people across the country. It is also compatible with range of Embossers from Enabling Technology USA and Index Braille.

Enabling Technologies USA (ETC) embossers supplied by Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd are cost effective and durable. We are also satisfied regarding the installation and after-sales-service provided by Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd for the ETC make Braille Embossers.

We give our good best wishes to Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd. For their future research and development for Visually Handicapped People.

Govt, Braille Press,
Basistha, Guwahati-29

Akshay Phototypesetters,
001 - Chitrakoot Society, Dr. Ambedkar Marg,
Thane 400601.

We, the partners of M/s. Akshay Phototypesetters, Thane, are using Shree-Lipi software since 1987. After an experience of more than 25 years, we can definitely say that it is one of the best and unique multilingual software available in the market. We haven't used any other software yet, in fact your software hasn't created such need any time. But after listening the advantages and disadvantages of other available softwares from other parties, we can confidently recommend, in fact we have been recommending Shree-Lipi software to many other users as well as newcomers.

We are using Shree-Lipi from Shree-Lipi 1 to Shree-Lipi 7 DevRatna. We have seen not only the progressive travel of Shree-Lipi Software from 1 to 7, but also the wise growth of Modular from Modular Systems at Shiroor to Modular Infotech at Electronic Industrial Estate. We are proud to say that we are one of the first ten customers of Shree-Lipi.

Shree-Lipi is the only leading software because of its various features such as Avishkar, Exchange Utility, Roopa, Spellchecker. Avishkar allows user to create and use new fonts than those available with software; Exchange Utility helps the user to accept any file from outside containing fonts of various other vendors; Roopa overcomes disadvantage of loss of aesthetic especially in circular typographical layouts; and Spellchecker corrects the orthographic mistakes made by the author and operator, and thereby speeds up the responsible job of proofreading to a great extent.

Instead of providing a nominal spellchecker with software, the spellchecker of Shree-Lipi is a real professional spellchecker compared to spellcheckers of other softwares. And I am happy to say that before the end of 2014, Shree-Lipi will launch still powerful spellchecker with some innovative features.

Individually myself, Mr. Arun Phadake, is personally associated with Shree-Lipi as I am the Editor cum Consultant of both the Spellcheckers. I have got many opportunities to work closely with all the three Directors, and I have always been benefited by their wise and practical decisions.

While giving all our best wishes to the Modular Infotech's upcoming projects, I would like to place on the Company a new responsibility of preparing a new Software which will overcome the limitations of PageMaker, and at the same time it will be much user-friendly than InDesign. The Directors and the staff are by all means capable of making such a software.

Arun Phadake, Deepak Phadake
Akshay Phototypesetters, Thane.

FANUC India Private Limited,
41-A. Electronics City.
Bangalore 560 100


This is to certify that FANUC INDIAPvt. Ltd, Bangalore are associated with Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Pune India for the work/projects of Bitmap Font Developments.

We are satisfied with Technical Support and Co-operation received from the Cempany and their representatlves etc.

We give our good Best Wishes to Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for their future projects.

FANUC India Private Limited.

Genesis Web Solutions, Mumbai.


In my 12 yrs of experience in the industry, I have worked on multiple softwares available in market and experienced that none of them was accurate as per my requirement.

After trying Shree-Lipi 7.1, I can say that it is the best software in the market with all Devnagri and Sanskrit fonts, signs & symbols support, cliparts which we were looking for.

The software is designed with multiple languages support for which I can say that it is fully loaded complete package for home user, corporate user, publication house as well as Website development firms.

No pirated verson of shreelipi is available in market.

Once again we heartly thanks to all Modular Infotech's team for designing such a beautiful software.


Mumbai - 400 031

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that we India Printing Works, Mumbai are using Shree-Lipi Software (For Windows and Macintosh) developed by Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Pune. We are fully satisfied with the use of software and would like to recommend other users. Various fonts developed by the company are attractive and finds useful for number of occasions. Features provided with Shree-Lipi makes software more user friendly.

We are also satisfied with Technical Support and Co-operation received fom the company and their representative / distributors.

We give our good Best Wishes to Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for their future projects.

India Printing Works
Anand Limaye
Mg Partner


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