Conversion from Unicode layout to ShreeLipi-Ex layout (Kannada)

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Conversion from Unicode layout to ShreeLipi-Ex layout (Kannada)

Postby ModeratorNA » Tue Dec 27, 2016 4:47 pm

We can convert Unicode text in ShreeLipi-Ex for Kannada Language by following steps.

1. Select Unicode text and copy it.
2. Paste the text in WordPad or Notepad. Again copy it from WordPad or Notepad.
3. Open Exchange Utility from Shree-Lipi group.
4. Select Source as 'Clipboard'.
5. Select Data Format as 'Text'.
6. Select Language as 'Kannada'.
7. Select Input Font Format as 'Unicode'.
8. Select Output Font Format as 'ShreeLipi-Ex'.
9. Click on 'Open Converted File'.
10. Click on 'Convert' button.
11. The converted file will get open in notepad. You can select the text and apply "SHREE-KANX-xxxx" font of "ShreeLipi-Ex" layout to the text file or copy converted text to the respective application and then apply "SHREE-KANX-xxxx" font of "ShreeLipi-Ex" layout to that copied text.

Please note that it is not possible to convert English data along with language data. It has to be replaced manually. After conversion you have to re-layout the job.

Also, go through the link of video below for conversion steps-

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