What are "ShreeLipi-EX" fonts?

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What are "ShreeLipi-EX" fonts?

Postby ModeratorRA » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:49 am

It is often experienced that accommodating all the characters of an Indian language in 8 bit fonts is extremely difficult and the designer has to do lot of compromises. "ShreeLipi-Ex" or "SLX" fonts are specially developed to overcome these problems. These fonts are 16 bit fonts and have naming system as SHREE-DEVX-0708 (For Devanagari Script). These fonts can be used in Unicode compliant applications like Adobe InDesign CS2,3,4,5,6, Microsoft Word 2000 onward, CorelDraw 12 onward etc.. These fonts have large number of characters useful for getting "akhandakshar" and conjuncts in applications. While typing the text, because of akhandakshar, character breaking gets avoided. SLX fonts are most advantageous in Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, and Sanskrit languages as well. It is possible to get both English and Indian Language characters in one font. There is no need to change font while typing English text in between language text.

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