What is the use of Dynamic font?

Issues related to Modular Font Manager like Installation and removal of Shree-Lipi fonts
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What is the use of Dynamic font?

Postby ModeratorNA » Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:26 pm

For Indian language websites, the users need not download and install the various TrueType fonts that are used in the websites if you use Dynamic Fonts. Dynamic fonts are available in .PFR (Portable Font Resource) files or .EOT (Embedded Open Type) files from the TrueType (TTF) files. Dynamic fonts can be used for seamless viewing of the contents (web pages) when the corresponding font in which the content has been created is not present on client's machine. The Dynamic fonts are placed on the server on which the web pages are hosted. They remained in the cache of the user's machine till the time he is viewing a particular webpage and are removed once the user exit out of the website.

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