What fonts you can use for your website design?

Issues related to Modular Font Manager like Installation and removal of Shree-Lipi fonts
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What fonts you can use for your website design?

Postby ModeratorNA » Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:29 pm

1. Choose one that matches the overall feel of your website.
2. Make sure it looks good in normal, italic and bold.
3. Check to see it doesn't become over cluttered at larger font sizes specially for Headings of page.
4. When using a font which consists of more than one word, with a space or spaces between words, don't forget to use quotes, e.g. "Times New Roman", "Shree-Dev-0708W".
5. Set point size of Text in EMS or Pixel format otherwise user will not be able to view in different sizes of the text in browser.
6. If you are using Unicode font, Specify alternative fonts in your CSS as shown below substituting for the fonts you like: body {font: Shree-Dev-OTF-0708, Mangal, Arial Unicode MS;}.

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