Why Shree-Lipi recommends installing 600 or less fonts?

Issues related to Modular Font Manager like Installation and removal of Shree-Lipi fonts
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Why Shree-Lipi recommends installing 600 or less fonts?

Postby ModeratorNA » Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:47 pm

Windows Operating systems have no fixed limits on the number of fonts you can install, but each computer has its own practical limit. How many fonts your system can handle will depend on the amount of RAM and disk space is available for operating system , the number of applications you run simultaneously, and other factors. Some of the applications like PageMaker have limit on the number of fonts that can be used at a time. So to minimize the risk of producing an error of font file or folder, registry entry, or volume on which fonts or registry entries have become damaged, we recommend the you to reduce the number of fonts in the Fonts folder to a minimum number as 600 or less. On some of the machines you can install more than 600 fonts depending on the applications installed on the system. For safer side we recommend this limit.

Important Note: Every style of every typeface is a separate font, so if you have Shree-Kan-001 regular, bold, italic, and bold italic variants then those will be four different fonts or font files.

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