How to get MID values?

Issues related to Registration of Shree-Lipi software with SoftLock(Password Lock), Website registration etc.
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How to get MID values?

Postby ModeratorSJ » Fri Mar 18, 2016 10:01 am

1. These MID values are stored in a Text File (License No.txt) created in "WINDOWS or WINNT" folder (Depending on your operating System). These folders are present on the drive where you have installed your operating System. For example if your Licence no. is 15002 and OS is WindowsXP installed on "C" drive, then you will find 15002.txt on C:\Windows.

2. Otherwise you can locate this file by Start > Run option.

3. After installation you can easily get these values from Menu Option Start>Programs>Shree-Lipi>Register Shree-Lipi.

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