What is Roopa?

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What is Roopa?

Postby ModeratorRA » Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:13 pm

Roopa is a text styler. Unlike font styler, Roopa does not modify or generate a font but rather it takes a text string of any language as an input string. To this text string you can assign different fonts, envelopes, styles, color sets etc. This utility is designed such that, you can construct a very attractive text style which you could have done using other drawing packages after a lot of effort. Ready-made and properly designed envelopes, styles, color sets are available to minimize your time needed for coming out with the final result. At the same time enough controls are provided to customize envelopes, styles and color sets. It is not claimed that this utility will replace any of the drawing package, but rather it gives ready-made solutions to majority of your text styling requirements. Roopa needs Shree-Lipi fonts and text entry.

Please go through the following video link uploaded on YouTube Channel.

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