How to apply different shapes in Roopa?

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How to apply different shapes in Roopa?

Postby ModeratorRA » Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:14 pm

1. Open 'Roopa'.
2. Type required text.
3. Now select 'Envelope'.
4. You can select required style by selecting drop down arrow.
5. Select the required envelope.

After choosing the envelope, you can control the distortion caused due to the envelope transformation by using a horizontal scroll bar. If you find it difficult to understand the concept of envelope, you should keep the 'Show Envelope' option enabled in the top menu option 'Misc'. This option will display the shape of the envelope applied to the text. Keyboard shortcut to go to next envelope is F1 and previous envelope is F2. The envelope distortion can be increased by F7 and decreased by F8. You can view envelope shapes by pressing F9 and by pressing F9 again the envelope disappears.

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