What is the Advantage of Symbol Font Previewer?

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What is the Advantage of Symbol Font Previewer?

Postby ModeratorRA » Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:46 am

1. It is not required to have any symbol font catalog in hand; you can directly view character position in font.
2. User can directly paste symbol in any application like CorelDraw, PageMaker, Word, InDesign etc.
3. User will have option to save file either in WMF or EMF format so that user can have an option to scale symbol in application itself.
4. User can have visualization of symbol directly on screen before pasting it in application.
5. No extra memory required if user makes symbol in WMF format, this reduces memory requirement of printer at printing time.
6. In applications like CorelDraw or InDesign, it takes lot of memory in "Insert Symbol" or "Insert Glyph" option. For complicated symbols, it may take long time in refreshing the font list on the screen. In such a situation, this utility proves to be very useful.

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