How to detect the 'Layout of Data' for conversion?

Issues related to Font Layout Manager
This utility helps user to identify System font match to Shree-Lipi font layout
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How to detect the 'Layout of Data' for conversion?

Postby ModeratorSJ » Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:37 am

If you have any data which is showing junk characters and you want convert to Shree-Lipi. Open your junk text and copy it. Open Font layout Manager from Shree-Lipi group. Click on Font Menu and then click on 'Detect layout of Unlisted fonts'. The screen will appear in which you have to select Script from drop-down menu. Paste the data in 'Input Text' box. Click on 'List of Available Layouts' and Select the layout one by one. If the text in 'Output Box' is readable then currently selected layout is the resultant layout.

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