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Could I have a bad parallel cable? The embosser makes the right tones, the computer sends data, but nothing happens.

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:20 am
by ModeratorRA
First press the OL key, then the FF key to rule out the possibility of a partial page left in the buffer. If nothing embosses, then check the integrity of the cable connection by trying an exact replacement if you have one. If you have a print printer nearby with a parallel cable attached, borrow it temporarily, and attach it between the computer and the embosser. If the cable was at fault, the borrowed cable will fix the problem. If nothing still happens, eliminate the cable from your list of suspects, since it is unlikely that you have two "bad" cables. Make sure your parallel port hasn't been redirected via a DOS mode command buried somewhere in your auto-exec file. Also, be sure that you aren't inadvertently connected to a second parallel port.