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Could I have the wrong serial cable connected between embosser and computer, or are all serial cables the same?

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:23 am
by ModeratorRA
You could easily have the wrong cable connected, although we try to find out what type of serial connection you require when preparing your order to avoid this very problem. If you have followed our earlier directions for matching serial parameters, and the embosser is not responding to a transmit or print command, make sure that the cable involved is the one that came with the embosser. Then check that it is connected to the computer serial port where the data is being routed. Many systems have more than one serial port. Also, take a care of the serial port settings on your computer, because if any of these are different than you expect, this could be the source of trouble. But if everything checks out as it should and you are unable to get data with the cable we supplied, call us; one way or another, we will help you puzzle out the problem.