I get the first line of a document but the rest of the lines are blank. How is it possible?

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I get the first line of a document but the rest of the lines are blank. How is it possible?

Postby ModeratorRA » Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:28 am

Usually your Braille translator regulates the length of your lines and pages. But some programs and some devices, such as Note-takers, allow you to set line and page length to zero, because the embosser can also take care of these format considerations by itself. If you receive one line of a document followed by a lot of blank space, the problem may be that there are no line or page endings in your document. To have the embosser do the formatting, you need to turn on the right features in the menus. From the embosser's keypad, enter the current menu and:
11.1E Turn on perf skip
10.1E Turn on word wrap
22.1E Turn on hot zone
1.1E Reset embosser and use these settings.

These parameters are already factory-set in menu 4. However, this menu is set up for serial transfers where the host device provides absolutely no formatting, and this may or may not correspond exactly to your situation. Try menu 4 first without changes and if necessary, experiment a little (you can always reset the embosser) until you have the format you want.
The problem could also be the absence of line-feeds in your file. Some devices and programs provide the option of ending each line with a carriage return but no line-feed. The embosser needs a line-feed paired with each carriage return. If line-feed characters are in your document but the embosser is not acting on them, check the manual of your translator if you are using one, or your Note-taker if this is your host device. There should be an option which allows you to specify whether line-feeds should be transmitted after each carriage return.

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