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I have an interpoint embosser. How do I switch it to single-sided mode?

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:29 am
by ModeratorRA
Some Braille translators allow you to control whether your embosser embosses on one or both sides of the page. Therefore, you should consult your translator's documentation for instructions on how to disable inter-point embossing. If you have disabled inter-point embossing in your translator, and your embosser is still embossing on both sides of the page, you'll need to do it manually by selecting single-sided mode on the embosser. To do this, assuming Menu 3 has control of the embosser, enter the following on the embosser's keypad:

1. OL--Takes the embosser off-line
2. 0.3E--Enter Menu 3
3. 33.1E--Select single-sided mode
4. 1.1E-Save changes, exit and return on-line