How to convert Unicode file to Shree-Lipi ?

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How to convert Unicode file to Shree-Lipi ?

Postby ModeratorNA » Fri May 27, 2016 3:45 pm

Check our new version of Shree-Lipi i.e. Shree-Lipi nxt.
Free Evaluation of Shree-Lipi nxt Download today from,

How to Register and Download Shree-Lipi NXT Evaluation-

Shree-Lipi NXT-

Open Unicode data file in WORD or WordPad. Please do the following steps to convert the Unicode data to Shree Lipi :

1. First of all copy data using mouse or by selection.
2. Open the Exchange Utility From Shree-Lipi group or From Shree-Lipi icon Tools->Converter option.
3. Select the Source Type :- Clipboard.
4. Select the Data Format file :- Text.
5. Select the Language :- Devnagari (Proper Language selection required).
6. Input font Layout :- Unicode.
7. Output font Layout :- Shree-Lipi 4.0/5.0/6.0 or Shree-Lipi 7.
8. Output Folder :- Where you want to save TXT file in folder Path. Otherwise Select Checkbox Open converted file.
9. Output file :- Location/Untitled. txt. (Converted file is stored in the the name of untitled.txt only).
10.Click on Convert button.
11. Untitled.txt file will open which is converted.

Now you can apply Shree-Lipi font to the converted data.

Please go through the following video links related to Conversion from Unicode data to Shree-Lipi uploaded on YouTube Channel.
1. Conversion - Unicode to SL7 (Devnagari)-
2. Conversion - Unicode to SL7 (Gujarati)-
3. Conversion - Unicode to SL7 (Bengali)-
4. Conversion - Unicode to SL7 (Kannada)-
5. Conversion - Unicode to SL7 (Malayalam)-
6. Conversion - Unicode to SL7 (Telugu)-
7. Conversion - Unicode to SL7 (Tamil)-
8. Conversion - Unicode to SL7 (Oriya)-

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