What are the required network configuration settings for Network version of Shree-Lipi?

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What are the required network configuration settings for Network version of Shree-Lipi?

Postby ModeratorNA » Tue May 31, 2016 1:46 pm

Modular Network Lock (Net-MDog Lock) works only if all PCs in the network communication via TCP-IP Protocol. Each machine's IP address should be different. When we install Shree-Lipi 7.4 on the server side, three CFG files (Configuration files) are created on the server side.

Detailed Use of CFG files:
1. Server Side CFG files-
3 CFG files are installed and location of those files is as follows-

1. One file is created in Server folder in the name of MITLMSrv.cfg
2. Other two files are created in root folder in the name of-

MITLMSrv.cfg which is in the server folder- This file is use for communication between the Client and the Server. If you open that CFG file in Notepad, you can understand the details of the CFG file.

a) IP Address: This information is generated on the server machine where the Network lock is connected. It is used by clients to find out where the lock is connected- which is the server machine.

b) Port Address: The client and server communication is carried out using this port address.

c) Host Name: This information is gathered from where the Network Lock is connected. If the server is in domain, the host name will be mentioned with the domain name.

2. Client Side CFG files-
Fo client side two CFG files are important which are present in the root folder (Shree70).

The file names are as follows:

1. MITLMAgt.cfg-
When the Shree-Lipi utilities are executed, the License Manager Agent will also be running. This file is used for communication between the utilities and the agent. It will contain Local IP and Port Address. if we copy the files on the client side from the server instead of installing, this file should be deleted. This file is automatically created with the information of the IP address gathered from local machine.

2. MITLMSrv.cfg-
Client Communicates with the server properly using this file. this file contains Ip of the Server and not the Local-IP.
If the Port address needs to be changed:
If the port address of communication between the Client and Server needs to be changed. please follow the procedure below-
1. Open the MITLMSrv.cfg in the Server folder on the server machine.
2. Change the port address to the required value.
3. Copy this CFG file to the root folder (Shree70) on the server machine.
4. Copy the CFG file to the root folder (Shree70) on All the client machines.
5. Restart the server after all the copying is done.
6. After server is fully up, start Shree-Lipi utilities on the client machines.

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