How To Speed Up Your Windows XP?

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How To Speed Up Your Windows XP?

Postby ModeratorNA » Fri May 27, 2016 3:39 pm

If your PC is getting slower and slower, there are a number of things you can do to speed it up. Use Tool which optimizes your computer and hugely improves speed through a number of tasks, including: cleaning the registry, removing errors, deleting junk files, downloading critical updates, improving browser speed.
Step 1 : Remove unused software
Removing program the ones you don’t need anymore can significantly speed up your Windows XP computer. To remove software:

Step 2: Use Less Graphics Step
Do you really need a wallpaper and the fancy animations when opening or closing windows? Disabling animations can increase the speed at which your computer opens and closes windows.

Step 3: Clean your Registry
You should regularly clean your Windows XP’s Registry to remove old errors that can clog up the registry. To properly clean the Registry, you need a reliable Registry Cleaner software.

Step 4: Stop unwanted Startup programs
By disabling programs that are set to automatically open when the computer starts, you can greatly speed up your startup process – the time between turning on the computer and being able to fully use it.

Step 5: Clean up your hard drive
Performing a disk cleanup can free some hard drive space and also speed up your computer.

Step 6: Defragment your hard drives
Defragmenting your drives can make a big difference in your computer’s speed. Defragmenting places files physically closer on the hard drive, making it easier and faster for the hard drive to read these files and write new ones.

Step 7: Use a PC optimization tool to do the rest
Purchase a separate tool to improve your computer’s speed and performance.

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