Using MS Office version 2007 onwards - how do I get save, new, print options?

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Using MS Office version 2007 onwards - how do I get save, new, print options?

Postby ModeratorNA » Mon May 16, 2016 1:13 pm

In new versions of MS Office, Blue part of the window is called as Ribbon. There are multiple tabs like Home, Insert etc. on this ribbon. When you click any one of them, you will get access to functions under that category. When you want to open a file or save a file, you have to click on large circle with multicolored squares (or File tab in 2010) called as button which is located at top left corner of the screen. On clicking this button you will get New, Save, Print etc. options. You can find almost all the basic options in it.

SAVING - SAVE AS calls up a new menu with a couple of options on it. Hold your mouse over SAVE AS to access this menu. The two most common functions will be the first and third ones:
Word Document - This will save the file in Word 2007 format, which can only be opened in other Word 2007 or above versions. This is the same as clicking Save (or the little disc at the top of the screen). The file will be saved in .DOCX format.

Word 97-2003 Document - Clicking this will save your file in a Word 2003 compatible format. If you save the file this way, you will be able to open it on any computer with either Word 2003 or Word 2007. The file will be saved in .doc format. You can save a file in both formats if you like. When you save the documents, they will show up in your folder with different icons next to them to help you distinguish between them.

You can also save directly as a PDF format (if you have Adobe distiller installed) which is very useful for creating files that cannot be altered.

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