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Sometimes the browser cache memory gets "Locked" and refreshing may not work which results in problem of logging website

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 3:10 pm
by ModeratorNA
For Internet Explorer 6.0 & above-
1. Select "TOOLS" from the menu-bar of the browser.
3. Under the title "Temporary Internet files", click on "Delete Files".
4. Delete cookies, clear history.
5. Click on "Apply" / "OK".
6. Restart the Browser.

For Google Chrome-
1. Select Customize and Control Google Chrome.
2. Select – Clear all Browsing data.
3. Select- Clear browsing history, and Empty the cache, and Click on Clear browsing data.
4. Re-start the browser.

For Firefox-
1. Click on Menu and choose "Options".
2. Select the "Advanced" panel, and click on "Network" tab in the pop-up.
3. Under the Section "Cached Web Content", click on "Clear Now".
4. Click on "OK" to close "Options" window, and restart the browser.