PDF creation problems (tried all methods but had problems while creating PDF).

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PDF creation problems (tried all methods but had problems while creating PDF).

Postby ModeratorNA » Tue May 17, 2016 4:57 pm

a. If PDF is made by using DO PDF utility -> Can not create PDF properly with running text using Shree-Lipi fonts; but no problem occurs with Background color of pictures (Colors remain as it is)

b. If the PDF is created the following way - First make a .PS or .PRN file & then import this file with Distiller -> That time PDF is created properly with running text using Shree-Lipi fonts but Problem occurs with Background color (It remains only black).

Below are the possible causes of PDf file issues -

Some of the free PDF drivers are having some issues with Fonts while making PDF file. Always check document after making PDF files.
If you have composed a document using non postscript printer driver and after that if you make PDF file using postscript printer driver then your pagination may vary from page to page. Always create document using proper postscript printer driver setting as default printer driver.
If fonts are not embedded in Adobe distiller then also you will not get proper result while taking printout on outside printers/bureaus.
Always create PDF file using CMYK colors instead of RGB colors. This will get proper Black and other colors output.
If you are using Shree-Lipi 6.0 fonts then it is not possible to embed fonts. You have to use Shree-Lipi 7 version for embedding fonts in PDF documents. We have enabled Font embedding option in Shree-Lipi 7.0 onward.
You can use Type1 fonts of any version of Shree-Lipi. By default Type1 fonts are having Font Embedding option enabled.
For making PDF file the fonts must be installed in pair only, otherwise you will not get proper Bold/Italic effects on documents.

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