Tips and Tricks for Inkjet Printer

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Tips and Tricks for Inkjet Printer

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1. Prevent blocking of nozzles of Inkjet Printers- do not keep ink jet printers where humidity is high. Humidity should be as low as 10 to 15%.

2. Fix smeary Printouts- If you use an inkjet printer and see smearing on a page, this is because something is sticking on print head. Remove cartridge and check protective tape over the nozzles is completely removed. Do not touch nozzle plate.

3. Print in the Right order- most laser printers print pages so they come out face down. For a multi page document, this puts the pages in the right order when you turn over the stack. Most inkjet print pages face up, which will normally put the first page on the bottom of the stack, so you have to reorder the pages. A few inkjets default to reversing the print order, so the last page prints first and the first page prints last, and everything's in the right order. Many don't have that feature.

4. Test out formatting- it's often useful to create a text document in Word, to test a printing or formatting feature, for example. Create the text using the sentence 'the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy fox'.

5. Check which is the default printer- some printer installation programs assume you want the printer you're installing to be the default, and set it as such without asking. Others leave it to you to set it as the default manually by going to the Printers and Faxes dialog box (or Printers dialog box, depending on your version of Windows), then right-clicking on the printer name and choosing Set as Default Printer. Given that there is no standard, it's a good idea after installing a printer to go to the Windows dialog box and check the settings, so you won't be surprised by what happens (or doesn't
happen!) the first time you give a print command after installing a printer.

6. Maintain consistency with PostScript- Make sure that while composing documents proper Postscript printer driver is installed and set as a default printer.This will give you correct line breaks,page breaks and graphics placement on printer. If it isn't possible, convert the document to a PDF file, and print from Acrobat.

7. Print monochrome documents as black only- Before printing documents set print option to print using black only in printer driver settings. If your printer driver does not have this option then you have to use proper ink cartridge.

8. Improve quality with the right paper setting- one of the most common reasons for complaints about inkjet output quality is that the driver is set for the wrong type of paper. Different papers require different amounts of ink and different proportions of ink colors to produce the correct final colors. Setting the paper type tells the driver which color tables to use.

9. Selection of Right Paper- Paper selection is the real thing that shows difference in output looks. White, brighter paper shows text and graphics crisper and colors more vibrant. For Inkjet printers, paper determines how much of ink gets absorbed in paper. If you want good quality then use high quality and costly paper.

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