If the picture is an EPS file

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If the picture is an EPS file

Postby ModeratorNA » Wed May 18, 2016 9:53 am

* Verify that the picture is printing to a PostScript printer.
* Verify that you are using a PostScript driver. EPS pictures are intended for output to PostScript printers (using PostScript drivers). If you print an EPS file to a non-PostScript printer, it may print at a resolution lower than the printer is capable of.
* If you are printing color separations, check the PostScript level setting for compatibility by choosing File > Print and then clicking the Advanced pane in the Print dialog box. If your printer does not support PostScript level 3, change the setting in the PostScript Level drop-down menu to PostScript Level 2.
Your LPI setting may also affect the apparent resolution of your printed graphics.

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