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Installation of Network lock with MDog USB (MicroDog USB) lock

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:21 pm
by ModeratorNA

1. Administrator login is required for both Client and Server side Installation.
2. Disable Windows Firewall from Control Panel for both Client and Server side.
3. Disable Antivirus Firewall for both Client and Server side.
4. Disable Windows Defender from Control Panel for Server side.
5. 'Dual Network Port' should not be there at Server Computer.
6. Static IP Network is required.
7. All computers should be in same Domain Network.
8. System should not contain any Shree-Lipi related data such as fonts, files etc.

A) Server Side:
1. Install MicroDog Driver.
2. Execute 'NetSetup.exe'.
3. Select 'Server Installation' Mode.
4. Select 'MicroDog Lock' option.
5. Do Custom Installation (excluding Plugin Options).
6. Get 'Services Installed Successfully message'.
7. In Start Up Menu, select 'None' and proceed further.
8. Restart Server machine.
9. Give Full Access to 'Shree70' Folder (Read/Write/Modify etc.).

B) Client Side:
1. Copy & paste 'Shree70' folder from Server to Client side machine's Drive C:\.
2. Search for ' *.cfg ' files in Shree70 folder. You will find 3 files having ' *.cfg ' extension.
3. From those 3 files, Delete 'MITLMAGT.cfg' file.
4. Execute 'SL7_32.exe' file to create yellow Shree-Lipi icon in Task bar.
5. Execute MAKEGROUP.exe file to create SL Program Group
6. Run 'Modular Font Manager' to install Fonts.

Start using Shree-Lipi package on Server and Client sides machines.

Following is the link of Video of Installation uploaded on YouTube. Please go through that.