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Indesign Plug-in (Part 1): How to Open PageMaker file in InDesign?

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:51 pm
by ModeratorNA
When we try to open PageMaker file in InDesign application, some text will appear with square box.

To avoid this, you can use InDesign Plug-in provided in Shree-Lipi Software.
1. Click on "Import PM File" option from 'Plug-Ins -- SDK' in InDesign.
2. Select the PageMaker file from the particular location and save it in InDesign Format.
3. Select and Apply the original font used in PageMaker file from 'Find Fonts...' option in Type Menu of InDesign.

Following is the link of Video uploaded on YouTube. Please go through that.
InDesign Plug-in (Part 1)-