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Conversion of Simple Text from Shree-Lipi 7.0 to ShreeLipi-Ex (Devanagari) (Output from File) (Part 2)

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 5:04 pm
by ModeratorNA
1. Select the text from Application and Copy it.
2. Paste the data in NotePad or WordPad.
3. Again Select the text from Notepad or WordPad and Copy it.
4. Select the Script as 'Devanagari'.
5. Select Input Layout as 'Shree-Lipi 7.0'.
6. Click on 'Get Data' option. You can change the Font of Input Layout Text.
7. Select Output Layout as 'ShreeLipi-Ex'.
8. Click on 'File' as Output Data Format.
9. Click on 'Convert' option to convert the text. You can change the Font of Output Layout Text or Converted Text.
10. Click on 'Open File' option to open the Converted File. You can also open the Converted file from the location set at 'Output File' option.

Important Note:- After Conversion, you need to re-align the text.

Following is the link of Video uploaded on YouTube. Please go through that.
Plain Text Conversion - SL7 to ShreeLipi-Ex (Devanagari) (Part 2)-