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How to install ShreeLipi-Ex fonts?

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 11:21 am
by ModeratorNA
The steps of installation of ShreeLipi-Ex fonts in Shree-Lipi NXT are given below-
1. Insert Shree-Lipi DVD.
2. Open 'Font Manager' from the Main Window of Shree-Lipi NXT.
3. Select 'Source Directory' to Install Fonts.
4. Select 'Script' or 'Language' and select 'Font Families' which you want to install.
5. Click on 'Install Fonts' option.
6. After installation of fonts, restart the application to see the updated installed fonts list.

Naming System of ShreeLipi-Ex Fonts is- "SHREE-DEVX-xxxx".

Video link below shows the same,
Font Manager - Install Fonts-