How to start Shree-Lipi?

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How to start Shree-Lipi?

Postby ModeratorNA » Fri Apr 29, 2016 1:06 pm

After successful installation of Shree-Lipi, The SL7_32.exe (Shree-Lipi) Icon will be available on the desktop. Double click on it and Shree-Lipi
32 Bit will be launched. It will be available in system tray on the right most bottom corner. Double clicking Shree-Lipi icon from system tray will maximize the Shree-Lipi menu and bring it to the top of window opened. In this End user will be able to do the settings for Script, Font layout, Keyboard layout, Default font can be set as per his choice. On right clicking the Shree-Lipi icon from system tray will open the settings menu from where the Shree-Lipi settings like Tools, Script, Keyboard Tutor, Application settings etc. could be changed. The font settings are used for the Shree-Lipi test editor control and for "Setting Default Font on Script Change" if enabled. Anyways, user has to set the correct font in the Windows application.

Please go through the following video link uploaded on YouTube Channel.

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