How to type with Diacritical Accent Marks?

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How to type with Diacritical Accent Marks?

Postby ModeratorNA » Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:44 am

1. You need to install Diacritical Script.
2. Open Shree-Lipi 32 bit (Click on the yellow icon of Shree-Lipi in the system tray).
3. Select Diacritical script & also select proper font layout from Setup -> Script setup.
4. Before that, you must have installed Diacritical fonts from MFM (Modular Font Manager).
5. After installing these fonts, open the application you want to use and assign proper font.
6. After installing Diacritical fonts, open the application in which you are going type it. Select proper font from Font drop down menu in that application.
7. Naming convention of the Diacritical fonts is as follow-
If the selected Diacritical font layout is Shree-Lipi 4,5, 6 then font name format will be Shree-Dia-1900, if the font layout is Dia-Indic, then the font name format will be Shree-Diai-1900 and if the font layout is ShreeLipi-Ex then the font name will be SHREE-DiaX-1900.
To use Help -> Language Typing Help make sure that you have installed Shree-Dia-1900W and Shree-Dev7-001W fonts.

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