How to use Shree-Lipi after Installation?

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How to use Shree-Lipi after Installation?

Postby ModeratorNA » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:55 am

How to start Shree-Lipi and modify settings after installation?

After Installation of Shree-Lipi, 2 icons are created on desktop-
1. Shree-Lipi Dev Ratna - 32 bit: This is the icon created on the desktop after installation of Shree-Lipi. This icon is also present in the program group of Shree-Lipi. You can start Shree-Lipi through this icon.

Note:- Here we considered, 'Dev Ratna' package for Devnagari Language hence icon is showing "Shree-Lipi Dev Ratna - 32 bit". Similarly, for 'Gurjari Ratna' package of Gujarati Language icon will appear as "Shree-Lipi Gurjari Ratna - 32 bit". Means, this icon will change according to the 'Main Script' of the package you purchased.

2. Modular Font Manager(MFM): It is designed for Managing Fonts on your system. It provides font installation and uninstallation which makes it easy for the user to manage font.

This utility is also available in Program Group of Shree-Lipi as well as a shortcut on Desktop. MFM is a separate utility so there is no need to keep Shree-Lipi active while working with MFM.

Steps to follow to use Shree-Lipi after Installation of it are given below-
Step 1: To start Shree-Lipi, right click on icon of "Shree-Lipi Dev Ratna - 32 bit" and select 'Run as Administrator' option.
After doing this, 'Shri' yellow colour icon will appear in the notification area.

Step 2: Double click on 'Shri' icon , to open Main Window of Shree-Lipi.
Before opening Main Window of Shree-Lipi, Registration Window will open. You can register your package online if connected to internet or else by filling the registration form received along with the package and send it to us. If you have given the details previously then Select option as 'Already Registered' and continue.

Then 'Tips Window' will open each time until 'Show tips at startup' option is selected.

Press 'Scroll Lock' the Default Activation Key to change the script from English to the particular Script or Language.

By Default, main package language is selected. e.g. For Tamil Vairam, 'Tamil' is selected.
You can select the required Language or Script from 'Script' Menu.
Main package considered here is 'Dev Ratna' hence "Devnagari" Language is selected by default.

Also, by default, 'MODULAR' Keyboard is selected. You can select the desired 'Keyboard' from 'Keyboard List' provided.

You can type Sample text in 'Text Edit Box'.
Note:- You cannot save the data typed in "Test Edit Box".

Step 3: Similarly, to start an application in which you want to type, right click on the icon of application and select 'Run as Administrator' option.

Step 4: To type in an application, select Font of Shree-Lipi starting with the name as "SHREE-DEV7-xxxx" and start typing.
Where 'xxxx' is Font Number.

Step 5: Similarly, to type in English, again press Activation Key to change script from Language to English and start typing.

The video link of the same is given below-
How to use Shree-Lipi after Installation-

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