Your Wait Is Over....

Look no further for a good software for creating Calligraphy text in Indian languages.
We are launching Shree-Lipi Caligrafer to help our customers create different text styles in Calligraphic form.

Starting with Devnagari, Shree-Lipi Caligrafer will provide Calligraphy text at your fingertips.

Stop wasting your money on low quality Clipart.

Shree-Lipi Caligrafer software, is a Windows-based Desktop software, designed for creating awesome Calligraphic text for your favorite design software. You can use this software for Devnagari script for languages like Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Bhojpuri, Kashmiri, Nepali and many more. Create thousands of calligraphic text with a each font. Only imagination is your limit!


Shree-Lipi Caligrafer software contains,

  • Support for Devnagari Script (Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Bhojpuri, Kashmiri, Nepali etc.)
  • A single Calligraphy font to create great Calligraphic text
  • 300+ glyph variations for the demo Font
  • Popular keyboard layouts
  • Windows 10/8.1/7 64 & 32 bit support
  • Save in native file format (.SLC)
  • User-centric Promotions/Offers


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