How to use 'Matra' with Bengali Language?

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How to use 'Matra' with Bengali Language?

Postby ModeratorRA » Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:01 pm

Decorative Shiroresha option is provided for ShreeLipi-EX fonts, If you enable Decorative Shiroresha, the Decorative Shiroresha get automatically inserted before / after / on both ends of the word depending on the setting. (Please find attached decosl7.jpg)

For using 'Matra' first, you have to first install decorative fonts from Modular Font Manager. You can install multiple styles with same font eg. "SHREE-BANX-0556-1". (Please find attached Matra.jpg file)

How to use decorative fonts. (please find attached decosl7.jpg) kindly do this settings in the Shree-Lipi yellow icon which will appear near taskbar.

There you can type properly in decorative fonts. Note that after using Decorative Shiroresha you have to disable this option otherwise you will get junk characters left, right or both side.

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