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Shree-Lipi Caligrafer

New version 2.0 is Here!

Thank you for your overwhelming response for first version.

With your inputs we have improved the product even further. We are launching version 2.0 with new exciting features!

This upgrade is absolutely free for existing users! Click here to know how to get the update

Language Support

Devnagari & Gujarati - Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Bhojpuri, Kashmiri, Nepali


50 Calligraphy fonts to create great Calligraphic text


Popular keyboard layouts like Phonetic, Inscript, Godrej etc.


300+ glyph variations for the every Font

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Shree-Lipi Caligrafer Font Samples

Application Features

Use Objects

Now create objects for each string. Move them around and place them exactly where you want them. Remove them and create new ones.

We have introduce Randomize Strings function which gives you Calligraphic text with a single click!

Editing string in Objects

Edit string in the objects to speed up correction time.

Canvas Features

Add, Remove any number of objects as you please.

Make use of the new Randomize Fonts and Randomize Strings feature to get new calligraphic text for all canvas objects.

New Quicksave

You can now Remove All or Remove only single Quicksaved string.

More Styles

We have added more styles for each font. Now use 500+ style variations from any font to create awesome art.

Stop wasting your money on low quality Clipart.

With just a few clicks in Shree-Lipi Caligrafer, you can create your own Clipart in no time. Watch the video below. You only have to export the text in EPS/SVG/PNG/BMP format and import it in your favorite designing software such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc.

With Shree-Lipi Caligrafer, you don't have to be a Calligraphy Artist. Use it at Home or in Commercial environment

You can use Calligraphic text for advertisements, flex boards, Banners, Bungalow names, wedding cards.

Use Shree-Lipi Caligrafer for all languages written in Devenagari script such as Marathi, Hindi, Konkani, Bhojapuri, Maithilee etc and Gujarati.

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Other Features

Windows 10/8.1/7 64 & 32 bit support

Save in native file format (.SLC)

Save in EPS, SVG, PNG, BMP format

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