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India's most popular multilingual software

As Shree-Lipi completes 25 years, it marks another milestone by introducing Shree-Lipi nxt.

Shree-Lipi nxt is the perfect multilingual, feature-packed solution for new age users. It provides enriching experience by enabling easy to use Unicode Composition, Open Source Application Support, Online Spellchecker and Font Family installation.

Why Shree-Lipi is better...
Enhanced Keyboard

Enhanced Keyboard Handler for Two-byte Font layout

New User interface

No need to select Application while typing in any application 32 bit or 64 bit

Text Editor

Text Editor which supports SLX and Unicode typing

Open Source Application Support

You can use Shree-Lipi with Open Office, Inscape, Gimp, Scribus and many more...

Other Features

Shree-Lipi nxt comes with many useful tools and utilities to increase productivity which saves lot of time.

Enhanced and user-friendly Conversion utility with RTF, TXT, Doc file conversion option.

Spell check for two-byte Font layout support (SLX and Unicode)

Font installation available with Family

Avishkar Plus for SLX font layout for giving catchy effects to your advertisements, titles

Additional Fonts in each available language

9 Pair Unicode fonts for each selected Language

Hyphenation support for South Indian languages for SLX and Unicode font layout

Sorting for Indian languages for SLX and Unicode font layout

Smart matra and validate matra for Indian language

Automatic application selection

Unicode typing help

Improved Symbol font previewer

Symbol Font categorization

Keyboard short cuts

Keyboard Tutor

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